Every day our passionate plant specialists purchase new potted plants from flower auctions and selected growers with great care. As soon as the potted plants arrive at Holland Indoor Plants (HIP), they are subjected to a very thorough inspection and it goes without saying that our inspectors maintain the latest quality standards.

Quality and prompt delivery are our highest priority at HIP. You will recognise this quality in our extensive range. We offer a wide choice of a variety of potted plants available in several sizes. Your wish is our priority and we offer you excellent value for money.

HIP exports to many European countries and covers  an extensive market. Among our clients are wholesale dealers, Cash and Carry centres, garden centres and retail businesses.

One of the qualities of HIP is that our purchasers are our salesmen simultaneously. That is why communication lines are short and we can offer you direct, customer-friendly service. For instance, having your products delivered with a price label or in special packaging, would be no problem at all.

Thanks to their many years of  experience our staff boasts an extensive knowledge of our products. They regularly visit customers at home and abroad, keeping HIP in touch with the market and keeping us posted about the latest trends and developments.  Both you and we profit from this, because products will be better tuned to your wishes. If you need further information about the latest trends and seasonal products, please contact us. One of our staff members will be happy to be of service.

HIP is a member of Decorum. Thanks to this membership we can offer you exclusive access to a choice of high quality Decorum products. Only specially selected growers can be Decorum members and only exporters with a special quality seal can be Decorum dealers. For further information: click here 

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